Top Quality

Our team of highly skilled technicians are experts in providing top-quality services for your Subaru vehicle. We offer a wide range of services from routine maintenance to major repairs and performance upgrades. Our goal is to keep your Subaru running at its best, and to ensure that you enjoy a safe, reliable and comfortable ride.

*2 Year / 24,000 Mile Warranty On Most Repairs

General Maintenance

Oil Change Service

30/60/90K Maintenance Service

100K Maintenance Service

105K Maintenance Service

Brake Service

Clutch Service

Diagnostic Service

From electrical and mechanical repairs to transmission and drivetrain issues, our team can handle it all.

We use the latest diagnostic tools and techniques to pinpoint and solve problems quickly and efficiently.

Pre/Post Purchase Inspection

Purchasing a used Subaru?

Consider a Pre/Post Purchase Inspection for your used Subaru.

We will provide you with a list of issues that we find, if any, and give you an idea of the cost it would take to repair the issue.

Performance Upgrades

Want to take your Subaru to the next level? We offer a wide range of performance upgrades, including suspension systems, exhausts, intakes, and more. Whether you're a track enthusiast or just looking to boost your daily driver's performance, we can help you achieve your goals.

Enthusiast Track Components

For the true driving enthusiast, we offer a range of track-ready components and upgrades, including roll cages, harnesses, brakes, and more. Our team has extensive experience with grassroots and professional racing, so you can trust us to equip your vehicle with the best components for your needs.